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Are preserved flowers natural?

<p><span style='font-family: "Futura Lt BT", sans-serif; color: rgb(0, 1, 198); font-size: 20px;'><strong>Les fleurs stabilisées sont elles naturelles ? </strong></span></p>

Preserved Flowers: Between Nature and Sustainability

When we discover the brilliance and beauty of preserved flowers, a question often arises: are they really natural? This legitimate question finds its answer in the unique process of stabilizing flowers.

Preserved flowers are in fact natural flowers that have undergone specific treatment to preserve their freshness and appearance for long periods of time. This stabilization process uses natural ingredients such as glycerin, dyes and other plant substances.

When a flower is stabilized, it is immersed in a special solution that gradually replaces its natural sap with these components. This allows the flower to retain its texture, color and suppleness, while eliminating the need for water or regular maintenance.

This treatment does not modify the very essence of the flower in any way. It remains authentic, preserving its natural appearance and original beauty. Thus, preserved flowers are truly creations of nature, preserved to be enjoyed for months or even years.

By choosing preserved flowers, you are opting for a perfect alliance between the ephemeral beauty of nature and modern sustainability. Every petal and leaf remains true to its origin, providing a timeless aesthetic to your space.

At Tania.t, we are proud to offer a meticulous selection of preserved flowers, created with passion and respect for nature. We believe in the harmony between preserving natural beauty and caring for the environment.

We hope that this clarification on the nature of preserved flowers has been useful to you. Do not hesitate to explore our collection to discover the timeless elegance of these preserved wonders of nature.

The Tania.t team thanks you for your interest and continued support of our passion for floral beauty.

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