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Eternal flowers and preserved flowers: are they the same thing?

Quelle différence entre les fleurs stabilisées et les fleurs éternelles

When we talk about flowers that last over time, two terms often come up: “eternal flowers” ​​and “preserved flowers”. Although these two categories share a common characteristic - that of preserving floral beauty without rapid wilting - they actually have distinct processes and characteristics. Let's discover together the differences between these two botanical wonders.

Eternal Flowers:

Everlasting flowers, also known as everlasting flowers or dried flowers, are flowers that have been dried naturally to preserve their beauty and shape.

This drying process can vary, from hanging upside down in a dry place to using absorbent substances to remove moisture. Once dried, these flowers retain their original appearance, but they are fragile and can deteriorate over time.

Everlasting flowers offer a range of striking colors and textures. They are often used in floral arrangements for special events such as weddings, birthdays, or simply to add a touch of nature to interior decor. However, it is important to note that everlasting flowers can be more fragile than preserved flowers, sometimes requiring a little more care in their handling and care.

Preserved Flowers:

Preserved flowers, on the other hand, are natural flowers that have undergone a special preservation process to maintain their fresh, natural appearance for long periods of time, often several years. Unlike eternal flowers which are dried, preserved flowers are treated with specific products which replace the natural sap of the plants. This treatment allows the flower to retain its suppleness, freshness and color, while being naturally more resistant than eternal flowers.

Preserved flowers therefore offer the advantage of increased durability without compromising their authentic appearance. They do not require any special maintenance, other than a dry environment and sheltered from direct sunlight. These flowers are ideal for permanent arrangements, home decor, long-lasting gifts, and more.

Conclusion :

In summary, everlasting flowers and preserved flowers are two beautiful options for those looking to add a lasting floral touch to their life. The former, dried naturally, offer delicate beauty while the latter, carefully stabilized, retain their freshness and shine over time. The choice between these two wonders often depends on the use you wish to make of them: a temporary decoration or a permanent enchantment.

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See you soon in our floral universe,

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