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Tania Cherepoff

Tania Tcherepoff is not only an accomplished entrepreneur, but an artist in constant communion with nature.

This passion matured over time, transforming into a deep love for the art of floristry. Tania has studied floral trends since she was 18, learning ancient traditions and modern techniques to create unique arrangements that speak to the soul.

Whether for a lavish wedding, a joyous celebration or a respectful tribute, Tania knows how to capture the very essence of flowers. Her work is not just a profession, it is a vocation, a mission to spread joy and wonder through her floral creations. Each flower is carefully chosen for its uniqueness, each assemblage is an ode to beauty .

Tania.t creations and our commitments:

At the heart of Tania.t Creations' business beats the burning desire to exceed expectations.

We try to meet our commitments:

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French Know-How

By ordering from Tania.t Créations, you are doing much more than buying flowers. You support a tradition of French know-how. Each bouquet is the culmination of an art transmitted with passion.

At Tania.t Créations, we believe in quality above all else. When you receive a bouquet from us, you receive much more than a simple floral arrangement: you receive a promise of beauty that lasts, an emotion that endures.

Whether to celebrate a special occasion or simply to brighten up everyday life, a bouquet from Tania.t Créations brings a touch of magic to every moment.

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Our creativity

At Tania.t Créations, our commitment does not stop at quality and ecology. We believe in the importance of infinite creativity and personalization for each client.

Imagine a bouquet that bears your imprint, that tells your story. With our team, we are here to bring your most daring floral dreams to life. Do you have a special idea in mind? We are here to make it happen.

Whether it's a specific color palette, specific flowers that evoke memories, or even a unique arrangement for a special occasion, we're here to help. At Tania.t Créations, customization has no limits. Each bouquet can be tailored to your desires, creating a gift that speaks directly to your heart.

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Ecological Commitment

In addition to our devotion to quality and elegance, we have a strong commitment to the environment. At Tania.t Créations, we take concrete steps to reduce our ecological footprint and promote a more sustainable approach to floristry.

By choosing Tania.t Créations, you contribute to an eco-responsible approach without compromising quality or style.

You no longer throw away your bouquets after a week but you keep them for years

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Tailor-made, just for you

Beyond customization, we also offer a tailor-made service to meet your most specific needs. Need a bouquet for a big reception? We are here to create stunning arrangements that will dazzle your guests. Or maybe you're looking for a small, delicate gesture to express your love? We have the perfect bouquet, designed with care and attention.

At Tania.t Créations, each client is unique, and each creation is a tribute to this uniqueness. We are here to listen, inspire and transform your ideas into floral reality. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations every step of the way.


A question ?

At Tania.t, we understand the importance of providing clear and complete information to our customers. This is why we invite you to send us your questions, suggestions or requests for additional information.

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