The preserved natural flower:

    A minimum lifespan of one year

    No need for water, maintenance or light

    bouquet séchées petites fleurs rose

    Our universe

    At Tania.t Créations, I bring creations to life using preserved natural flowers. I say creations because they can take many forms: bouquets, compositions, paintings, wreaths, suspensions, etc.

    These creations are to offer or treat yourself! They find their place in any interior: to warm up an atmosphere, to green up a room, to bring charm and softness to a decoration.

    I also work for professionals: hotels, restaurants, businesses, etc.

    My goal is for you to find THE creation that suits you best: either through the creations presented, or through a personalized creation.

    I will be happy to guide you and advise you if you need it, so do not hesitate to contact me!

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    Choosing preserved natural flowers is

    design fleur catégorie orange

    Non-allergenic flowers

    Unlike the majority of decorative plants, preserved plants do not cause any allergies in people who are in continuous contact with them.

    design fleur catégorie jaune

    Zero maintenance costs

    After purchase, preserved plants or flowers require no additional maintenance expenses. They do not need water or light exposure.

    design fleur catégorie vert

    Ecological process

    The product used to stabilize flowers and plants is called glycerin, a non-toxic and completely biodegradable product.

    design fleur catégorie beige

    No CO2 release

    With the sap, plants breathe especially in the evening and release CO2. With the stabilization process which replaces the sap, there is no release of carbon dioxide.

    design fleur catégorie bleu

    Beautiful all year round and for a long time

    Whatever the temperature or the season, preserved flowers and plants retain their beauty, their leaves and their colors. Enjoy a small indoor garden all year round!


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    the creator of tania.t Creations

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    The process of stabilizing flowers

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